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Dying wish granted: Cold beer and a game of blackjack in Atlantic City

Terminally ill patient John Mudry, 71 of Monroe, has The Toms River nursing home that is his latest address, Complete Care at Green Acres, and his hospice case manager at Visiting Nurse Association Healthgroup made sure that wish came true. Terminal bladder cancer makes any outing an adventure. His body swells. There are oxygen bottles and equipment to cart along. Mudry needs a stretcher nimble enough to move about a casino. Yet, Mudry was in high spirits Tuesday before his ambulance ride to Bally's, one of his favorite casinos. As nurses prepared him for the journey, Mudry's blue eyes sparkled over the tubes that delivered oxygen to his nostrils. See some highlights of Mudry's trip in the video above. "I never thought it would happen," said Mudry before boarding the ambulance. "I thought it was a big joke." Making Mudry's wish come true was no joke to Efraim Siegfried, CEO of Complete Care.

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